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Mechanic Special Old Watch Parts For Sale

Welcome to my listing of old watch parts and pieces.  This is intended for the repairman or hobbyist who likes to tinker with old watches, or anyone who needs parts or an old movement for a watch.  Almost everything here needs attention of some sort, and you should expect to have to clean up and or repair anything you find here.

I want to point out that some of these items may be sold by the time that you are looking at this list.  I update this as frequently as I can, both with new items and with removing items that have sold, but I am sorry to say that it may have some items listed that are no longer available.

The descriptions here will be basically a damage report, I try to list all the problems I can see.  I try to avoid being overly wordy - unless something is exceptional, assume that the pieces are OK or in average condition, and the item is as it should be.  Some of the movements can be fixed up and cased, some need parts or are only good for parts themselves.  Cases or dials should be usable as they are.

If you see something that interests you I will be happy to answer questions or hold aside items for you until I receive your payment.  You may contact me by email or telephone – please note that this is a one man operation – and I won’t always be around to answer you right away - in fact if I am off sailing or on vacation it could be a week or so before I get back to you, please be patient and accept my apologies in advance for any delays.  If I receive multiple orders for the same item the earliest one to ask for it will have preference.

If there is something that you need on a regular basis or in that you need in quantity please let me know.

Ordering procedure - email is the best bet, give me the item number or numbers you want, then please wait for me to get back to you with a confirmation of what is available and how much to send.

Shipping charges - I will charge $5 per shipment for US mail transport within the USA.  If you are not in the USA please request a shipping cost quotation.

Payment terms – Personal checks or money orders are welcome.  I will also accept payment through Paypal.  If you are not familiar with Paypal, they are an online payment service that allows you to use credit cards like Mastercard and Visa.  After you have confirmed availability, and I am holding your purchase for you, follow this link to Paypal to pay with a credit card:

Mailing address -
Dave Bush
PO Box 854
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Returns policy - After you receive an item you have 5 days to look it over and decide if you want to keep it.  I will accept returns and refund your money for any reason if you send the item back during this period.  If I have made an error in my description I will also refund postage.

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