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Over 35 years playing with old Watches

In 1980 I was earning my living buying and selling various antiques when a friend gave me some old pocket watches to sell.  I knew absolutely nothing about them but noticed that not only did they attract a lot of attention and sell quickly but they were interesting too.  Before long I was a regular trader of pocket watches and quickly left the general antiques business behind when I found I could fill all my time just chasing watches.

I have never had any formal training in repairing watches.  Early on I met dealers who were looking for groups of watches that were ticking and in good condition.  It wasn't long before someone sold me a cleaning machine and showed me how to use it.  I dove right in and began tinkering, discovering that if I couldn't find in my travels enough clean running watches to fill orders, I could make them up myself.  I never did repairs for the public, my time at the bench has been just playing with my own watches.  I did learn the value of having extra movements and such around, and always put the word out that I was looking for broken watches and parts in any condition.  Never did much trading in materials like staffs or mainsprings, I would buy parts I needed but as far as buying and selling I mostly stuck to the watches themselves.

After joining the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors in 1981 I discovered other dealers selling mail order and started sending out listings of my inventory.  With the arrival of the internet I transitioned to the web site you see here, which I have been maintaining since 1998.

What you are looking at on this web site is from my accumulation that has been building all these years.  I have always been happy to stockpile watches that I didn't plan to sell right away, and this web site shows the result of that.  My experience has been that you never know when someone will ask for something, or when it will come in handy for a repair.  And if you need something, it is not easy to go out and find it, so I have always been a ready customer for all manner of watch stuff, and happy to have an ever growing stockpile of watches and parts pieces.  More that once I have bought out large accumulations put together by other dealers.

I am no longer actively repairing watches and now focus most of my efforts on selling down my stock.  So here you will find both good fixer uppers and good sources of parts.

I highly value my long term relationships with my customers, I always want you to be happy with whatever you buy from me, and I will always accept return of any item that you purchase from me if you are not happy with it.  Please note that this means you do not need a reason to return an item - many sellers will require some sort of 'valid' reason before they will accept a return, my policy is either you are pleased with your purchase or you get your money back.  Certainly if there is a problem with the item that I have overlooked in my description please let me know, but if you just decided you didn't like the watch after having the chance to physically look at it I am happy to accept it back.

If you are in the area and want to stop by and look at watches give me a call, I have no particular hours so it is best to make an appointment.

I hope you will enjoy browsing through the watch listings and find something you like.  For me running this parts department has always been my favorite part of my business.


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